Cartoon Characters Kids Birthday Cake


Bring your child's favorite cartoon world to life on their birthday cake with this customizable masterpiece! Imagine their eyes lighting up as a playful parade of beloved characters like Peppa Pig, Spider-Man, or Elsa and Anna emerges from the frosting. Whether it's a single iconic figure or a vibrant scene featuring the whole gang, these cakes promise unforgettable smiles and delicious bites. Picture cupcakes adorned with adorable minions, a tiered cake showcasing an epic superhero battle, or a whimsical creation bursting with colorful Disney princesses. The possibilities are endless, limited only by your child's imagination and the talented bakers who can bring it to life. So, ditch the generic candles and let a cartoon character cake be the centerpiece of a birthday celebration they'll never forget!

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What's Included: Cover

Imported: Yes

Manufacturer Part Number (MPN): 202300301256

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